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How to Relieve Back Pain without doing any Exercise

Back pain is one of the common problems nowadays which often interfere with people personal life and work. Most of them prefer exercises and stretches to get rid of their back pain, but apart from the exercises, you can make use of some home remedies and other useful products like Massage Chair to relieve the back pain quickly.

Lower back pain is one of the widespread problems throughout the world and causes more disability in humans. The study shows that more than 805 adults experienced lower back pain problems in their lives atleast once. People may also get back pain including the upper middle areas of their back.


Lower back pain otherwise termed as the lumbago is a symptom of various types of medical problems. It usually results from an issue with one of your lower back namely muscles, the bonus structure that makes up the spine names vertebrae or vertebral bodies, ligaments and nerves.



SHOES:Medications like acetaminophen or ibuprofen help to relieve most of the pain but it’s good to take up home remedies rather than these medications. Let’s check out a few of them below.



There are many studies which show cold and heat are an effective way to get a huge relief from the back pain. A heating pad can relieve achy muscles or stiff muscles. Ice packs are most valuable when it is used directly after a strain or pain. Applying ice pack after it’s wrapped in the towel and then when its applied to the pain can decrease inflammation. The cold also offers a numbing effect for intense back pain.



There are a lot of pain relief creams available online and in pharmaceuticals. The creams which contain a compound found in the hot peppers namely capsaicin, help to relieve back pain. There are studies which show that the cream which contains capsaicin is useful for treating osteoarthritis pain. There are also studies that stated that applying method to the strains and pain could numb the pain receptors and therefore you can feel the relief instantly.



Wearing the wrong type of shoes may also result in lower back pains. You need to check whether the shoe is the problem and change them accordingly. The boots which do not offer any support or fit properly can cause muscle strains in legs, neck and back.



Arnia is one of the homoeopathic remedies that one can make use for the relief of back pains. It should be applied directly to treat swellings, minor injuries, bruising, and muscle pain. You can find Arnica gels and creams in most of the pharmacies, and you can also purchase them online.



Improper posture due to straining or slouching at a desk can also be a significant cause of lower back pain and other aches in muscles. You should make some ergonomic changes in your workstation like choosing the best ergonomic chair to work to improve posture and to reduce pains.



Sleep is one of the essential remedies for getting relief from any pain. If a human gets quality sleep, then there are no chances of illnesses or other diseases. Uncomfortable pillows, a mattress which is of the wrong size can be the vital reason for not getting adequate sleep and also leads to back pain. Proper alignment and comfort of the back are essential for quality sleep and to avoid back pain in the morning.



Stress is also an essential factor for many lower back pains and muscle aches. There are many stress relief factors like deep breathing, guided imagery, mindfulness meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, Yoga which you can try out to reduce Stress.



Having a tablet which has side effects for eradicating your lower back pain is absolutely a nonorganic factor but an excellent Zero gravity massage chair is organic and it can do wonders and magic to provide a complete neck and back relief from any illnesses. Most of the manufacturers offer massage chairs and focus on providing comfortable and soothing massage therapies for your shoulder, back and neck muscles.

The top-rated Massage chairs have heat therapies which are soothing and are developed with reclining option to place your body in relaxing and comfortable positions. These massage chairs match your interior decor apart from fitting your body perfectly adjusting the height of the user by itself.


A massage chair with 100% good quality can fit your body shape and structure correctly. Many of the massage chairs are developed with body scanning technology and adjustable features so that the chair can analyze the structure of your spinal back and then position your body in a comfortable and relaxing position to offer the full body massage.

The chairs are developed to offer dynamic and vigorous movements. Some of the offer intense and few others less intensity. There are options to set the intensity so that you can choose them base don your pain or the comfort you need.

Most of the massage chairs are developed with massage programs for back and neck, and therefore you can select the option to get a huge relief from the back pain or other pain in the body parts. The zero gravity massage chairs are developed with full reclining zero gravity massage chairs which can swing up and down for the entire body massage. The message will provide a massive relief from your back pain and also the comfortable feel.

The massage chairs are developed with different massage techniques, and therefore you can choose the one based on the pain you have. There are kneading and stretching techniques available to reduce the pain at your back pain, Relieve Stress and also get rid of shoulder pain.

The Shiatsu Massage helps to offer shiatsu massage therapy, which is considered to be the excellent therapy that works for your back muscles specifically the lower back area of your body. People who have chronic back pains mostly take shiatsu massage. The other advantages the massage chair provides to reduce the back pain include enhanced flexibility and therefore reduce tension at your back.

The usage of massage chair includes increased blood flow. The critical reason for getting back pain is when you get poor blood flow and circulation. The massage chair will help to increase the flow of the blood in your painful and ache areas, and the rollers are used for massaging gently and help to get the blood flow again and provide a massive relief from the back pain.

The massage chairs help to increase endorphins and make you feel relaxed and provide you with a comfortable and fresh feeling. This can keep the human away from anxiety and Stress, offers better mood and also benefit you in dealing with the bad and achy back. Choose Shiatsu massage for using pressure point massage, Swedish massager using longer strokes and Airbags for a squeeze or pressure massage.

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