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Lixo is proud to deliver outstanding services all the time with the right warranty. We have excellent professional support and personal service to help clients. We offer end to end dependability and responsiveness to the clients. We are committed to offering an easy and smooth purchase to complement our massage chairs and other products. We offer a minimum warranty is one year, and it varies up to 9 years based on the model of the chair.



Lixo is responsible for any repair or replacements of any defective equipment during the service period at our sole discretion. Lixo will bring the chairs from faulty to a properly functioning. The warranty provided for the coverage cannot be transferred at any time to others during the original terms.



Warranty does not cover damages which are because of the sudden voltage fluctuations, the physical damages, damage because of the machine which is used is not listed on the instruction manual or unauthorized repairs. It will make the warranty null and void.



Lixo offers an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC). Our team of professionals will help you in taking care of the massage chairs, and we maintain them regularly on a condition or periodic based service. Our professional team is experienced and trained to handle any repairs.