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Get Into The Best Shape With The Lixo LI4455 Massage Chair


Are you thinking of buying a massage chair for yourself? Give your body the best gift ever with massage chairs that are known to improve your blood circulation, help you with better sleep, alleviate stress, and much more.

In this blog, we are conveying in detail about our Lixo LI4455 massage chair which is inclusive of a lot of features like:


1. Be Relaxed With Just One Single Touch

Within a few clicks, you can get started with a body stimulator, exercise and recovery, shoulder and neck massage, work decompression, and also sleeping accelerator Lumbar spine massage.


2. Get Home Cutting-Edge Technology

There is the prevalence of L-Track in massage chairs which extends all over from the neck and shoulders and also goes towards the waist and thighs. There is also the S track that tries to match the body curves. There are also best features like graphene thermostatic hot compress which provides whole-body air pressure, anti-pinch feature, and there is also the space capsule seat design.


3. Reduce Your Stress

The LI4455 massage chair provides two kinds of zero gravity where the first one can help adjust your legs to a condition of 126 degrees and also 7 degrees to your whole body. The second one can help adjust your body and legs to a higher angle which ensures that your entire body has been positioned in the flat zero-gravity posture.


4. Create Your Spa With The Help of Manual Customization

The massage chair gives you the liberty to customize your massage through manual mode since the fixed and regular massage procedures might not be able to meet your ample needs.


5. Get Comfort That is Above and Beyond

With the help of an easy adjustment technique, and various other aspects like soft kneading, hard kneading, shiatsu, malaxation, rollback, massage speed, tapping, 3 massage zones, foot roller, massage range, and more, you can receive a massage chair that takes you beyond comfort.


6. Designed Especially For You

We have the highest warranty in the industry and our massage chair offers whole body air pressure massage, high-quality assurance with detailed design, foot double section design, fire-resistant cloth, metal wings, PU leather clothing and more.

Some airbags surround your body which compresses and expands. There is an extendable footrest with an underfoot rolling massage. The massage chair is also inclusive of a voltage controller or stabilizer so that there is better maintenance.

This is a perfect gift for your elderly parents where you can present them with a means to extend their life and also give them prospering health. This is also a perfect gift for marriage, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, retirement, housewarming, or also for any auspicious occasion.


Health should be one of your major concerns and with Lixo massage chairs, you can get your health right back on track. Buy on our website without any hassle. You can also get a live demo from us. Stay healthy with Lixo.

If you are wondering which massage chair brand covers the entire checklist then we are happy to tell you that Lixo covers all the checklist points.

If you want to tick mark the boxes by yourself then click here to check our website for further information about the best massage chairs in the market.

Looking for a Massage Chair? Our expert team will assist you in selecting the best one as per your requirement. All you have to do is trust us to locate the ideal chair for your needs.

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