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Alleviate Your Pain with Lixo’s LI5566 Massage Chair


Do you get back home from your 9 to 5 job, all tired and stressed, only to repeat that cycle all over again the next day?

What if we told you that you can change this narrative?

All it takes is just one click, i.e. getting to know about the world of massage chairs

Not relatively new in the market but slowly gaining traction, massage chairs are finally getting the recognition they deserve because the reason for their presence in the market is to only make your pain and stress go away.

Sounds like a ticket to heaven without passing away right?

Do you want to know more about it? We at Lixo are here to help you know everything about massage chairs in our list of blogs and this one, we are conveying features about our premium Lixo LI5566 massage chairs. So, let’s get started.


1. Bring the Future to Your Home

Get your body calmed and composed with the hi-tech features of the LI5566 massage chair like intelligent shoulder scan, 3D human hand mechanism, deep and soft tissue massage, multi-dimensional massage techniques, and massage mechanism that entirely tends to your spine, and also feather soft massage from head to toe.


2. Striking Massage Techniques :

Our massage techniques can make you go masseuse who? With knocking, sync, tapping, shiatsu, 3D shiatsu and kneading. All of these massage techniques can help reduce your stress and make you feel rejuvenated within minutes.

3. Super Capsule Design

Get home a design that is underneath less intense massage, has an encompassing micro-environment, multi-layered airbags, wall hunger, and spikes rollers that perform seamless shiatsu.


4. Live the Ultimate Modern Lifestyle

Rewind your aging process with ultra-comfort, thermostat heating function that is adjustable, super breathability, and better body constitution.


5. Immerse Yourself in the Designed Lounger

Relax like a king and queen with LI5566 Lixo massage chair that has zero gravity, can do body stretching of 126 +-7 degrees, provides ultra comfort air pressure with the help of thermostat heating, and can also be a treat to your ears with easy Bluetooth connection and easy USB charging.


6. Ultimate Relaxation From Head to Toe

Our LI5566 massage chair has a 3D human hand massage mechanism and it is of a 2D generation where there are 4 silicone rollers, 3-speed settings, 5 intensity settings, and 3 settings of roller width. Reduce your anxiety, make your immune system stronger, increase your productivity and help get better sleep with massage chairs.

Bring this chair as a gift not only for yourself but also for your loved ones. It can help young people to improve their memory and clear their minds, it can help middle-aged individuals to remove stress and it can help the elderly to live healthier and slow down their ageing process.

So what’s the wait? Don’t wait for a new year to keep a healthy resolution, start now and improve yourself every day with the help of Lixo massage chairs.

Looking for a Massage Chair? Our expert team will assist you in selecting the best one as per your requirement. All you have to do is trust us to locate the ideal chair for your needs.

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