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How far Better Massage Chairs are from Human Massage

At Lixo, we believe that the human-administered massage chairs and the present cutting-edge massage chairs both have proven to deliver extraordinary benefits.

But some particular unique aspects of advanced massage chairs are compelling, especially to those who don’t opt for frequent massages. Massage therapy is known to deliver a powerhouse of health benefits and it is a notion that on a virtual basis, every system in the body is affected by the massage either indirectly or directly.

This aspect can leave the hustle of the treadmill behind since most of the users tend to give up that exercise within a month. An organic stress relief massage chair sounds like a better option since it gives you a luxurious relaxation, much equal to a spa or a short vacation.

So let’s dive in to know why massage chairs uniquely stand out.




Human massage is all about scheduling an appointment but with a massage chair, you don’t have to schedule any appointment since you can sit at the massage chair, on any day, and have your massage therapy at any time and with just a simple press of the power button.

You can make massage an integral part of your daily life or make it a part of your daily routine.




When you consider buying a massage chair, think of it as a return on investment since you have to buy a body massage chair once rather than taking multiple massage appointments. High-quality massage chairs with an impeccable warranty can provide you with many years of massage. Your amount of pay for medical care can reduce rapidly since you are receiving high-quality massage every day. It is a notion that a regular massage can reduce the stress that can alleviate the effects of many diseases and ailments.




Traditional massage therapy is such that it has the option of human touch. For some, human touch might be the problem whether with the masseuse or with removing clothes which can create an uncomfortable environment. When it comes to a massage chair, you can massage your way in the privacy of your home where you can be in conditions that offer you maximum relaxation. Nowadays, innovative massage chairs also come up with integrated music technology so that you can enjoy music while being relaxed.




With a massage chair, you can be in complete control of the pressure and depth of the massage. You will have to just “dial in” the pressure which is pliable to you so that you can program your custom massage. The pressure received from the massage chair will be right all the time. Currently, massage chairs like Lixo massage chairs boast technology that has been innovated and refined for decades. The massage chairs can replicate the massage motions of the human hands vehemently where the pressure of the massage styles can be customized with just the press of a button.

Thus, we at lixo believe that with premium India’s no 1 massage chairs, you can have the benefits of time, cost, pressure and touch benefits since you will own your completely customizable massage chair. You can revamp your body, mind and overall well-being efficiently.

People have been using Lixo at malls and airports which marks the USP of Lixo being a high-quality brand that offers an impeccable warranty for their user’s healthy lifestyle. Lixo can give you an unforgettable human touch feel.

Looking for a Massage Chair? Our expert team will assist you in selecting the best one as per your requirement. All you have to do is trust us to locate the ideal chair for your needs.

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