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Difference Between Massage Chair and Human Massage

Have you always been fond of massages but are so held up in daily hustle that you cannot book an appointment with your massage therapist? The convenience of massage at your home sounds like a better solution, right? This is when the latest tech massage chair comes in.

Purchasing an organic stress relief massage chair implies that you are just one step closer to being happy and contented. But when contemplating this notion, you would definitely want to know what differences massage chair and human massage holds. We are here to tell you absolutely just that and we hope that you make a more informed decision.





It has been quoted by Brigham Young University that when you are touched, the nerve endings send a feel of comfort, happiness, and security to your brain. So through massage, the brain reduces the release of stress hormone and then increases the level of oxytocin, this is a hormone that can reduce stress.

In this context, massage chairs use a simple vibrating element in order to create a sensation that is soothing. There are also other techniques used like water or airbags that can relieve stress or tension vehemently. Like a human therapist, the massage chair can provide the user with all the massage techniques like flapping, knocking, deep kneading, and Shiatsu.





Human massage is a performance which differs from one person to another. It can be rare to find a therapist that can offer a consistent quality massage all the time. The difference might be many factors like fatigue by the massage therapist and then high expectation by the customer. The massage chairs, on the other hand, are programmed in such a way that it can deliver consistent therapies and moreover, the machine doesn’t get tired. This implies that you will get the same services all the time unless you’d want any new changes.




This is one major difference that makes both the considerations stand apart. A massage therapy suits best for those who are not introverts and who are okay with showing their almost naked body to a stranger. But this can be a major problem for those who are not comfortable in undressing in front of strangers. If are among this, buying a massage chair will be the best option since you can receive full massage therapy at the comfort of your home and will not have to undress in front of anyone.





A better massage therapist implies a bigger hole in the pocket, which you will have to empty on a frequent basis if you frequently love going to a massage. A massage chair, in this context, is a one-time investment, where a perfect and quality massage chair will guarantee you.

Thus, when considering the difference between massage chair and human massage, both are unique in their own way but a massage chair is always available for you and can avail you with a lot of privacy. It can also replace exercise since a treadmill might sound like the right solution only for one month and after that, people tend to become lazy. A massage chair, on the other hand, is all about just sitting and relaxing even though you are tired.

Lixo, in this context, is a top-rated brand that provides the best massage chairs for its users. They are an epitome of high quality because they can replicate the human touch feel through massage chairs. Their advanced tech and professionalism are impeccable and it is for this reason that on a daily basis millions of people have been using Lixo at malls and airports.

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