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Where To Set Your Massage Chair – Selecting The Right Spot


Not a very long time back, massage chairs were commonly associated with and found in luxury hotels, lounges or shopping malls. But times have started to change, and people today wish to enjoy luxury from the very comforts of their homes.

Today, as more and more massage chairs are finding their place in our homes and apartments, the massage chair industries are also working on making these more homely, comfortable and desirable.

I purchased a new massage chair but cannot decide where it would look the best. Here are the top four most sought-after locations to set up your new Massage Chair.


1. Living Room

Coming home from a long day of work might be exhausting both physically and mentally.

Therefore having your favourite meal while watching the television and enjoying the best massage possible feels like an unrealistic experience. Lixo makes it possible with our wide range of massage chairs.



2. Home Gym / Meditation Space

The most refreshing way to wind up your meditation or gym session is by enjoying a relaxing massage. Placing the massage chair in your wellness zone offers great value for money as you can enjoy both, a full-body warm-up before training and a relaxing cooling-down session after training.

As the gym or meditation area is your spot, you can easily isolate yourself from the rest of the home and just lay back and reflect in silence.



3. A Chair Facing Your Backyard

Another sweet spot where you can set your massage chair is near a window facing your backyard, or anywhere outside. If you are someone who loves watching the rain drizzle or is a devout birdwatcher?

For instance, my mother loves massages and birdwatching and can’t live without either. If you are someone who enjoys an imperfectly perfect combination as such, then bless your hearts.



4. The Bedroom

If you purchased it for private and immediate use, then the bedroom will be the best option for you. Want a full-body massage to help you fall asleep? Well, there you go.

You can start your day with a massage and end it with one too. Placing the chair in the bedroom provides you with full freedom and discretion. Moreover, it also brings you, the ability to focus on a task at hand like reading, or relaxing your mind after a long day of work.

While good company is always appreciated, there are times when we need some solitary time to recharge ourselves and reflect on the day.



Health and well-being are taking center stage in our lives, meditations, massages and mindfulness have become the pop culture of the time. While you must be immensely interested in getting a new chair, there might be occasions when you don’t have enough space at your disposal.

In such situations, you might want to choose a much smaller massage chair, that fits cosily in your home. Grab the best offers on Lixo massage chairs today, and take home the promise of comfort and luxury.

Looking for a Massage Chair? Our expert team will assist you in selecting the best one as per your requirement. All you have to do is trust us to locate the ideal chair for your needs.

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