Massage chairs are the next generation of technology which is taking over the customer’s satisfaction by leaps and bounds. This organic form of stress relief can help the user relax and de-stress them in a jiffy. This innovative trending technology in the market gives you a spa-like- human touch feel without actually having to go to a spa. The massage chairs technology is trying to become more efficient where more and more innovation is being added to the chair where 3D massage technology is the new feature. This technology consists of a new type of roller where the roller’s head protrudes from the track i.e. by an additional of 8-10 cm. This ensures that the neglected areas in your body like upper neck and upper shoulder areas are massaged vehemently which were earlier not done by the normal massage chairs. Your massage experience can improve impeccably because you are receiving intense and deeper massages which can help you relax even more. All-in-all, the 3D technology is adjustable where you can control the protrusion according to your convenience so that you can receive the best and much-needed rejuvenation. Well, enough said about 3D because some major reveal has to be done about the so-called “4D and 5D” massage chairs.

Do actual 4D and 5D massage chairs exist? What are the real truth behind 4D and 5D massage chair?

You must have glared your eyes out when you heard about the advertisement yanking about 4D and 5D chairs. But do they actually provide something more than 3D chairs? You are about to read some major reveal because there is actually no other direction for the rollers to travel other than 3D. As a responsible customer, you should do your own research when the advertisement chirps about 4D and 5D and should find out if the feature actually exists or not. Advertisements can often be misleading because companies want to up their game in the competition but you should know that there is no such thing as 4D or 5D. The 3D massage chair is designed to massage the main pressure points all over your body so that you can feel refreshed and relax. It can aid you with long term benefits since your key body parts are being massaged, i.e. shoulder, neck, and back areas. 3D is a real massage technology while 4D and 5D are just optical illusion which has no base of reality. We at Lixo, provide the best 3D massage chairs that can avail you with a lot of benefits. Our top-rated massage chairs can help you drop the treadmill for good because you will have the benefit of healthy living just a click away. Our massage chair brand, because of its higher years of warranty is being used at malls and airport on a daily basis, which constitutes that Lixo massage chair, is being used daily by more than hundred thousand people. Buy your massage chair now!