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The best birthday gift for anyone to stay healthy

For your loved ones who are all about carrying around healing crystals, aromatherapy, meditation, yoga, gym, exploring different wellness practices and techniques to keep them healthy needs the best health equipment as their birthday gift! There are plenty of healthy gift ideas in the industry to give your dear ones. It’s essential you choose a thoughtful present to your loved one that keeps their soul, body, and mind refreshed and healthy.


What are the most common Healthcare Birthday Gifts that everyone can choose for their loved ones?

There are various healthcare gifts that most of them choose for their loved one as the birthday gift, and some of them are:


Most of them prefer self-massage foam rollers for their loved ones as they hold multiple benefits in enhancing the health as well as in decreasing the injury risk namely increased blood flow, a better range of motions, improved movements, reduced recovery time, reduced injury risks, and faster results.


Resistance bands cannot be missed in the gift items when it comes to healthcare equipment. They are helpful for the people to perform strength training exercise without the need for any weights; they are easy to store and also the most travel-friendly healthcare equipment everyone needs in the world. Apart from this other reason why people prefer resistance bands for their loved ones to keep them healthy includes, they can be used with familiar exercises, adaptable for multiple fitness levels, save on storage space, excellent for travelling, whole body exercise, easy to handle alone, add variety, can be combined with other equipment, and also an effective workout.


There are a lot of benefits of Yoga Ball Chairs, and therefore most of the people have started providing Yoga Ball Chair as the birthday gifts for their loved ones. Some of the reason why it is the best birthday gift for people whom you wish to be healthy includes the ideas like enforced movement, enhances balance, improves circulation, burns calories, a relaxed and fun factor, aligns the spine, improves the posture, convenient to use, delivers a passive core workout, boosts energy and more.


The present common healthcare gifts that most of them prefer as a birthday gift for their loved one is the Fitness trackers. Health tracking is essential when it comes to staying fit, and therefore this fitness tracker provides the 24/7 heart rate monitoring as well as acts as a wellness device. Apart from this the other benefit like heart rate tracking, easy counting steps, alarms on drinking water, the sleep time, forming healthy habits, goal setting, incentives promote activity during the working hours and more makes the fitness tracker the best birthday gift.


If your friend performs regular exercises, then the best gift you can provide them is the Treadmill. It is one of the healthcare equipment which is excellent for everyone’s health, some of the benefits of using Treadmill include reduced impact, you will be in control, stimulates race course, mental health and motivation, heart health, safe, convenient and private, weight loss, muscle building, enhanced joint flexibility, builds bone density, and easy to use.

What can be the unique healthcare gift that you can provide your loved ones and their benefits?

The healthcare equipment listed above are the most common ones everyone provides their loved ones, if you need to be unique and offer the all in one health equipment to take care of the entire body, you should try out Massage Chairs. There are plenty of benefits of using a Massage Chair, and many of them do not know about this excellent gift! Let’s see what benefits you get by using this massage chair below.


According to the recent study, the massage therapy alleviates the symptoms of stress and reduces stress on psychological and physical levels significantly. The measures of blood pressure, salivatory cortisol levels, oxygen consumption etc. becomes lower when the person with all these health problems spends 10 to 15 minutes in a massage chair. Even though we get exercise machines like cycling machine, treadmill etc by spending a lot of money, most of us do not make use of it regularly due to the laziness. This is where the World No1 Lixo’s Massage Chair has a unique place. You never feel lazy to use this massage chairs rather you would love to take a complete massage whenever you get time. You can even sit in the massage chair for a few minutes after a stressful day at your work to feel the better relaxation and to have a stress free lifestyle.


Two components help in improved blood flow with the massage chairs namely the mechanized massage you get from the massage chair and secondly the zero gravity feature of the premium massage chairs. The massage techniques include rolling, gripping, kneading, tapping, and shiatsu. In all of the above methods, the massage roller moves and vibrates the important body key points and helps in promoting increased blood flow throughout the body. If your body gets increased blood flow, then it helps in eliminating the toxins from the body, speeds up recovery from ailments and injuries, endorphins stimulation which helps the body cope with stress and pain.


The most important reason for the blood flow in the body is the lymphatic system. It is the network which helps in keeping the body fluid, defends against infections and maintains the body balance. The massage action provided by the massage chairs in the reclined position helps in the better moving of lymph across the body and this combats disease and inflammation.


The important benefit one can obtain from a massage chair is that improved spine alignment. This is possible with the zero gravity feature or when the chair is placed in the reclined position. Some premium massage chair includes massage chairs which are specifically designed to alight the spine.


Massage chair help in providing more flexibility to your body. Whenever you feel tired after a long-standing work or full day training or some other occasion you trigger point is in painful condition, you can make use of the massage chairs and feel refreshed, pain-free and relaxed.


Many studies have shown that the massage chairs help to reduce the fatigue and offers you excellent and regular sleep. This includes younger children to old people, sick people who are suffering from heart diseases, psychiatric disorders, and cancer.


Massage chairs have multiple proven findings of alleviating any pain which includes joint body aches, headaches, chronic shoulder pain, neck, back pain and more. The studies show that pain suffered have states that they had reduced chronic pain and few others have shown proven methods that the massage chair eliminated their pains. Apart from the above benefits, using the massage chair has other proven advantages namely loosen and relaxed sore muscles, boosts the immune system, improves the body posture, regulate high blood pressure, keep depression at bay, and more.


Quality is vital in everything that you buy, and there should be more concentration on getting a product when it is going to be used for an extended period as well as when its an expensive one. Lixo Technologies is one of the best manufacturers of Massage chairs, who directly sell for their customer at a valid price. For more information, you can contact us directly! Lixo Massage chairs are unique when compared to other brands in terms of the chair durability, quality, higher lifetime and USP warranty, and they hold more than 5 lakh customers who make use of all latest advanced technologies filled Lixo massage chairs for living a stress-free lifestyle and feel the comfort.

Looking for a Massage Chair? Our expert team will assist you in selecting the best one as per your requirement. All you have to do is trust us to locate the ideal chair for your needs.

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