Massage therapy is always a good choice for anyone, as work and life stress you up to the core. But spa on a Sunday once a month won’t do you enough, especially to release those tensed knots in your shoulders that you’ve been carrying for about a month. A massage chair is a recommended product to any and every home, as it has become a necessary item of a household. Lixo offers you the best of the best collections worldwide, they have centers set up in different malls and airports all over India. Lixo differs from the rest since its USP includes higher years of warranty of the massage chair where there is higher quality service for a lifetime.

Lixo Healthcare manufactures their own products, which are massage chairs where these massage chairs are considered to be a organic form of stress relief. They are appreciated dearly for their quality of chairs, which makes it the leading brand of today. They deliver their promises of quality, beauty and efficiency very diligently.

After all, one must look in to certain aspects before buying a product, especially if it is gadgets or appliances. And there are couple of things to note down, when one wants to buy a massage chair. A bit of research on the topic of massage chair will do you good, so let me educate you.


  • One must look into the settings that have been made available on the chair. You can set massages and massage points to your liking but there are some massage options that are built in beforehand, like deep-tissue massage.
  • It is best to buy a chair that lets you decide and select massage points, time and frequency of your massages. Not everyone would be accustomed to the automatic settings of the chair, rather they might want it slower or at a different point. So select a chair which allows you to play around with the massage motions.
  • All massages work best under warm temperature, whether it is deep tissue massage or any other kind. Heated transmitters are highly recommended for best possible results. It doesn’t matter if you are buying the chair for a little relaxation or serious medical recovery, heated transmitters are a must. And it is best to check the efficiency of the heated transmitters before you purchase the chair.
  • These heated transmitters are can predominantly relax you. Also in more casual terms, it is a soothing warm sensation. Some chairs allow you to control the intensity of the heat, which is recommended for medical recovery purpose chairs. And make sure to check whether the heat is uniformly available on the crucial parts of the chair.
  • Leg rest, is another vital thing to check before purchasing a massage chair. It is in fact better to have leg rest as it adds a couple more inches to the chair, hence accommodating even the tallest of heights.
  • Most spas require you to lay down completely, and massage chairs with leg rest helps you get that sort of feeling, by mimicking the movements of a masseuse.

These are the basic things one must check before opting to buy a massage chair. Lixo is a next generation brand which offers you each and every kind, according to your wishes, crafted with perfection. The massage chair can help you increase productivity, alertness, and further enhance your mood so that it can promote better sleep.

Customers are valued highly by Lixo, so they educate you on what to look for in their products. A company must be reliable and confident regarding its products and it can be said without a doubt that Lixo is the way to go since it is India’s No.1 brand of impeccable massage chairs.

If the world weren’t so burdened by problems, miseries, sadness, and plight, we would be healthy beings. In fact, if we hadn’t settled ourselves into a cubicle and taken more than that we can chew, maybe we would be healthier. But that isn’t so. The reality is that we are so overrun by problems that we fail to see our condition. We are forever running in a fruitless race for fame, success, and money instead of appreciating what we already have.

We have run so far amidst the darkened clouds without stopping, or without looking to see further. But once we stop, we realize that we fared great difficulties for the sake of fame or money. By the time we realize this truth, we would have become tired, lonely and sad. This plight leaves you drained, and these massage chairs, only seek to help you rejuvenate and live a better life. It is also a notion that we try to better ourselves by trying to be healthy where we use treadmills and resort to cycling, but in vain since we tend to give up on it soon. Massage chairs, in this context, is the highest used health care product since all it requires you to do is click a button and sit and relax and voilà, you are relaxed in no time.

Massage chairs have brought the comfort to our home, without troubling people, or wasting money frequently. Massage Therapy has been around for quite a while yet still it amazes us how technology adapted itself to create an automated form of relaxation. These therapy techniques have evolved and improved through the hands of many knowledgeable people, and now it has reached it’s peak. But it can’t be said that this is the end, but rather, let’s wait and watch what comes next.

Have you used a massage chair recently? Then spread the word because the world needs it.