Most luxurious healthcare product that you can find online and Store - Lixo Healthcare

Most luxurious healthcare product that you can find online and Store

When it comes to healthcare, spending your money doesn’t matter as healthcare equipment provide you comfort along with numerous health benefits. There are many healthcare products available in the market and today we are going to check out one of the luxurious top-rated Healthcare product Massage Chairs in depth below.

What are the types of Luxurious Massage Chairs?

There are dozens of luxurious healthcare devices and products available in the market, but Massage Chairs among them are something unique as well as hold plenty of health benefits. Explore the types of luxurious massage chairs along with their features and benefits below.

Lixo Massage Chairs: LI6001

The fourth next-gen healthcare product from Lixo is the LI6001 Massage chair. The streamline body design offers a distinctive appearance. The soft plush backrest makes people more comfortable, relaxed and velvety to touch when using the massage chair. The armrest in the massage chairs are developed to be comprehensive and long, and this is a beautiful massage chair which holds plenty of therapeutic massage therapies.

What will you find in LI6001 Lixo Massage Chair?

  •  The L body shape design is innovative, and the chair provides massage from the neck to the buttocks. The cutting-edge technology offers a full massage to the back of your body and therefore get rid of pain and aches.
  •  The OPTO sensor device and the detection device of Optocoupler help to make reliable and accurate shoulder detection.
  •  The four roller massage mechanism and the rolling arm help to make your back secure and also the kneading massage on the point of neck, waist, and shoulder provide you good relief from strain and aches.
  •  The human body stimulation in this LI6001 massage chair provides you with the real feel of a person massaging your body, and therefore you can feel more relaxed, comfortable and stress-free.
  •  There are manual programming available for partial, pinpointed and overall massage.
  •  The double layer airbags for shoulder and arm massage is one of the unique features.
  •  There are five degrees of intensity available in the massage chairs.
  •  There are different human touch massaging techniques namely Shiatsu, tapping, air pressure massage, spiral vibration, pressing, kneading, reflexology, and combination massage.
  •  The smooth roll casters help to quicker and easier movability of the massage chair from one place to another.

LI5001 Massage Chair

The next latest tech healthcare product from Lixo is the LI5001 Massage Chairs which is amalgamated strategically and position the system of kneading discs, automatic body detection, and airbags. The LI5001 massage chair is the world No.1 healthcare product for treating your complete body pain and this pinpoint accuracy to relieve pain points and particular stiffness in your body. The massage chair which is made of premium leather upholstery and advanced technology is developed for preventing the wellness of the human.

What will you find in LI5001 Lixo Massage Chair?

  • The roller width is developed with three levels namely regular, narrow, and comprehensive.

  • The chair imitates the Zero Gravity Capsule NASA chairs and helps to relieve the pressure entirely based on support.

  • The massage chair holds different massage human touch techniques namely pressing, air pressure massage, spiral, tapping, kneading and reflexology.

  • The massage chair can perform pummel, Shiatsu, air-pressure, kneading, wavelet knock, music and vibration roller and therefore can be used for multiple purposes.

  • The mechanism of four wheels massage keeps it more comfortable and stable.

  • The OPTO sensor device in the massage chair with four wheels massage mechanism is best for making your whole body comfortable and relaxed.

Benefits of LI5001 Massage Chair

Making use of the LI5001 Massage chair regularly provides you numerous health benefits like complete relaxation and decreases the pressure on nerves, relaxes your muscles and helps you to maintain the right posture, relieves stress and pain, improves your blood circulation, keeps you fresh, and also stimulates the endorphins in the body.

Lixo Massage Chairs: LI4001

The next advanced healthcare product is the LI4001 Massage chair which helps to enhance your blood circulation throughout the body. By doing so, it translates more oxygenation of cells and helps in quicker recovery from exhaustion and other similar factors. The massage chairs from Lixo is an excellent massage chair chosen for massaging your upper body, and this is depending on the rollers and air pressure you select based on styles, frequency, and intensity of the back.

The unique part of this LI4001 massage chair is that it cuddles you like your mother and you can value a comfortable ambience. The pampering and softness the massage chair provides you to get out of the pain and stress.

What will you find in LI4001 Lixo Massage Chair?

  • The massage chair can be slide forwarded and therefore saves you more space.

  • The ultrathin massage mechanism helps to perform kneading, tapping, syn: massage, Shiatsu for more rapid and accurate results.

  • The massage chairs are developed to easy to move with the castors.

  • The massage chair performance zero gravity and helps to satisfy the people with different needs and expectations.

  • There are leg rest in the massage chair for dual use and can be used for leg massage while folded and can be used for a foot massage when it’s open.

What are the benefits of using LI4001 Massage Chair?

Using LI4001 Massage chair regularly can reduce anxiety, tension, stress, loosen and relax your sore muscles, decompress and enhance your spine alignment and improves posture.

Lixo Foot Massager: LI399

People who need a relaxing and pleasant Foot Massager to get rid of different pains on your body and to get quality sleep, LI399 Foot Massager is the best choice. The product is from Lixo, and this is considered to be the perfect companion for any people to stay calm, refreshed and rejuvenated.

The gentle kneading mode in the Foot Massager helps to penetrate in-depth into your ankles, calves, and foot so that you will feel comfortable and relaxed. There are different preference programs that you can set up on this LI399 Foot Massagers, and each of them holds health benefits. The Foot Massager is the perfect choice for older adults, individuals who need to deal with heavy fieldworks, homemakers who need the most comfort.

What will you find in LI399 – Lixo Foot Massager?

  • Different type of massages like Arch scrapping massage, feet scrapping massage, and heel massage can be done.

  • Air Pressure Massage for both side of ankle and feet.

  • Air Pressure massage for both calf sides.

  • Soothing heat for calf and Arch.

  • There are five different modes in the foot massager namely kneading, rolling, Twist, push, kneading, shiatsu, and air pressure massage.

  • The massager can be adjusted in the tilt angle and therefore makes it more convenient for the humans.

  • LED Lamps and contemporary designs.

  • There are three intensity adjustable, three massage modes which are set automatic namely Fatigue Relieve, Recovery of Ache, and Soft Relaxing.

What are the benefits of using LI399 Foot Massager?

People who regularly use LI399 Foot Massager get multiple benefits like luxury relaxation, comfort, change in lifestyle, enhances blood circulation, relieve from daily stress, and more.

About Lixo

Lixo is one of the World’s No.1 Massage chair providers and all products listed above are manufactured by the Lixo Technologies. We are also India’s top-rated massage chair manufacturers. We produce these chairs with 100% quality and are proud to say that most of the customers of our Massage chairs are Doctors. Lixo also provides relax and go stations in airports, malls and other significant places all over India.

Looking for a Massage Chair? Our expert team will assist you in selecting the best one as per your requirement. All you have to do is trust us to locate the ideal chair for your needs.

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