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5 Things to Look at When Buying a Massage Chair


It is that time of the year again when you are nearing the next year and with a new set of years coming into the picture, there is also the prevalence of resolutions of every kind. If you think that 2023 is the year of health for you and if you are seeking a massage chair then in this blog, we are penning down 5 important aspects to look out for when you are buying a massage chair.

So without any further ado, let’s get started.


1. The Functionalities

To ensure that the money invested by your end while buying a massage chair is worthwhile, you must ensure that the massage chair is inclusive of all the essential functions. If you are looking for high-end massage chairs then they should be inclusive of features like heat therapy, a menu that showcases pre-programmed functions, rolling, shiatsu, sound therapy, tapping, inversion zero gravity therapy and more. With these features, you can ensure that there is better long-term health at your end.


2. Massage Areas

Mental health problems like insomnia, stress and fatigue have been global epidemics in today’s world. A luxury massage chair can be a Godsend for your mental and emotional health. It’s the perfect haven to collapse into after a long day at work. Dissolve all the stress from your life, and relax your mind completely. Reset and rejuvenate your focus to face the challenges of every day. Studies have shown that luxury massage chairs significantly improve your sleep quality and decrease anxiety.


3. Chair Size

Imagine you buy a massage chair but you are super uncomfortable in it because it appears to be not in the correct size. What a waste of money would that be right? Hence, it is for this reason that it is very important to know which size of massage chair would be correct for you. Normally the massage chair sizes are between 5’7 height and are for up to 280 lbs. Therefore, it is important to look up the sizes online before you buy it.


4. The Intensity of The Massage

One of the most essential features of a massage chair is its intensity.

The strength of a massage chair depends on the number of motors it has. The intensity also depends on the roller system where there are 2D massage, 3D massage and 4D massage. If you want to customize the strength, there are also removable paddings available.


5. Easy To Use

Imagine you buying a massage chair but all you are left with is a confusing set of buttons and you are saying to yourself that you repel technology. It is for this reason that you should seek a massage chair that can help you relax by just pushing a simple set of buttons. Look out for controls that can be operated by touch screen or also have seamless remote controls. Hence, seek for those massage chairs that appear simple to you.

In addition to the above, you can also look out for massage programs, pricing and more.

If you are wondering which massage chair brand covers the entire checklist then we are happy to tell you that Lixo covers all the checklist points.

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