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3D vs 4D Technology – Which is the Best for Massage Chairs


When you finally decide to get your massage chair this question will make you ponder upon the options available. To help you make this decision more easily we bring to you a detailed description of both the 3D and the 4D Massage Chairs so you can easily compare and choose the best chair depending on your needs.

Spending some time on a massage chair after long hours of work can help you experience the best stress-relieving, healthy and refreshing time that is worth every penny that you spend. The choice of massage chairs that you need should solely depend on your expectations and budget.

One of the most important things when buying a massage chair is understanding the difference between 3D and 4D massage chairs. 2D, 3D, and 4D refer to the roller technology that is used in massage chairs.

The Chairs equipped with the 3D massage roller can give you the feeling of human hands protruding into your muscles some 2-5 inches. This not only helps you relax better but also gives the comfort of human touch while still ensuring your privacy and comfort.

The 4D rollers in the chairs perform almost the same task but these have a better variation in pressure, speed, or other controls. These massage chairs can provide you with a next-level experience of comfort and relief with numerous options for customization.


Which One Should I Choose

The 3D panel provides a realistic massage experience, where you can adjust the depth and the intensity of the rollers can be adjusted. You can customize your massages based on your preferences The flexibility of customization helps the customers have the best massage experience every day.

The 3D Roller Technology that is found in the premium massage chair ranges provides outstanding deep tissue relaxation in the upper lower neck area and back, and full coverage of the legs.

The 4D Massage Chairs are not too different from the 3D massage chairs except for the fact that the users get a more effective control panel with a better range of depth and rhythm customization options. The ability of roller adjustment is added with the benefits of strength adjustment benefits features with the 4D technology you get the ability to adjust roller speed.

These technologies have been developed through numerous types of research where the traditional massage technique was observed to analyze the sensation and the methodologies involved. These technologies are thus highly trustable in terms of comfort and health, so you can trust both at any time.



Choose Wisely

The best massage chair is the one that you like and can afford. The 4D massage chairs with an upgraded control panel can be a bit costlier. You can check the range of massage chairs provided on Lixo and get the best deal for yourself. Contact Lixo today and get the best knowledge on the range and the cost of the products we provide.

If you are wondering which massage chair brand covers the entire checklist then we are happy to tell you that Lixo covers all the checklist points.

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