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10 Interesting Facts on Why You Should Buy an Massage Chair

Are you contemplating the reasons why you should invest in a massage chair? This article can help you solidify your reasoning behind purchasing one of the best investments in your life. 

Before delving into the facts, A recent report published by CNBC shows that 77% of Indians experience at least one sign of stress regularly.

Stress among younger generations is more prevalent these days. Gen Z and Millennials have shown higher levels of anxiety and stress, lack of stamina, and an increase in obesity. 

About 13-22% of the Indian population experience body pain, especially neck and back pain. 

While massage cannot improve obesity, massages are proven to effectively improve our daily health by reducing stress and anxiety, which are common indicators for several issues. Moreover, a good massage is all it takes to alleviate body pain.

Regular visits to a massage parlor can be expensive, but getting a quality massage chair can be a cost-effective alternative to enhance your lifestyle. 

Ten interesting facts on why you should buy a massaging chair:

A full-body massage machine has various benefits that improve mental and physical health. Unwinding your day with a massage will relax and prepare you to face the next day’s work. 

Here are 10 reasons to consider investing in a massage chairs…

Better focus

Do you often face difficulties in brainstorming ideas or memorizing information? Are you frequently losing track of important things like your wallet? These issues can be concerning when they start negatively impacting your daily life.

A relaxed mind is the key to better focus. What better way to relax your mind than a massage? Getting a full body massage not only relaxes your mind but also your body. 

And studies have shown that regular massages have improved one’s stress levels and their anxiety rates. Next time when you feel like losing your mind, try getting a massage.

Better sleep

Poor sleep can impact your brain, making it hard to remember things and manage your emotions, affecting your attention levels. Having poor insights and thought processes and overall low brain performance.

It would be best to have adequate sleep to complete your day’s assignment. We all know it’s better to turn off your phone one hour before bedtime in a dark room with brown noise to help you sleep better. 

Another great option is getting a massage before sleep that helps stretch your body and relieves all the muscle tension and soreness you experience after a long day. It helps promote better sleep by making your mind and body relax.

Manage chronic pain

Over 79% of Indian women suffer from chronic back pain. Back pain can be caused by lifting heavy weights, prolonged sitting, or lying down. 

Regular use of a massaging chair has proven to keep your chronic back and neck pain at bay.

Practice getting a full body massage every week for three months; results have proven to control and improve your pain with a lasting effect. 

Post-workout cool-off

After a heated session at the gym, using a massage chair to soothe your muscles sounds like a perfect idea. 

A massage can result in fast muscle recovery and help speed up your health journey. Furthermore, it can relieve the pain and soothe any muscle soreness you feel, especially after a leg day where you won’t feel like dying while climbing the stairs. 

Get more mobile

You need good posture, balance, and range of motion to have a flexible body. Most of the time, flexibility saves you from muscle injuries. 

Working on your joints, muscle connective tissues, and tendons can help improve your flexibility. Heat therapy from a massage chair can target all these areas and help increase your flexibility and range of motion while reducing stress in your joints and muscles. 

No more headaches

Did you know that the causes of your constant headache can be a tight neck, continuous eye strain, and poor posture?

Getting a massage can solve all the problems. Tension and pain in the head and around the eye can be dealt with by improved blood circulation and loosening muscle tissue in these regions. 

This article shows that massage can also help with migraine to some extent by reducing the symptoms and frequency of migraine episodes.

Strong immune system

Surprisingly, Regular massages can help boost your immunity. A better immune system protects you from severe infections caused by contagious antigens.

A massage can help generate more white blood cells and eliminate toxins by increasing blood flow.

Boost mood

A full-body massage promotes an increase in endorphins, a chemical present in our body and is known to be our body’s natural painkiller. This chemical also improves your body’s overall mood by making you feel more active and rejuvenated after a massage. 

Better posture

We all have posture issues and tech neck by working all day. Though we can’t quit our jobs, we can improve our posture by getting a good neck and body massage. The massage can relieve our muscle tension and loosen the tight muscle tissues.

A massage can help you achieve good posture by reducing muscle tightness and increasing joint mobility.

A personalised health check-up

Modern massage chairs come with lots of improved options. One among them is the health check-up monitor. It takes an entire scan of your blood rate, oxygen level, and fatigue index and recommends you massage based on that. 

The massage is personalized to your needs and designed to improve your well-being so you can get the best out of your massage chair.

Looking for a Massage Chair? Our expert team will assist you in selecting the best one as per your requirement. All you have to do is trust us to locate the ideal chair for your needs.

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